• Mercer County Park Festival Grounds (map)
  • West Windsor Township, NJ 08550

Join me as I kick off New Jersey’s largest yoga festival with a 75 minute Master Class, Dynamic Opposites: Freedom to Flight co taught with renowned yin teacher, Ellen Mosko. Find more opening in your hips as you explore how these two opposite actions, passive and active engagement can move you deeper into your postures and experience. I’ll be sharing the main stage with other amazing yogis like Adell Bridges, Faith Hunger, and Eleonora Zampatti.

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VibeWell & Honor Yoga brings together the very best yoga instructors, wellness experts, and leaders in healthy living for one transformational day of practice, community, connectedness, and gratitude. Find yourself deeply immersed in yoga, meditation, social gatherings and thought-provoking presentations at the Mercer County Park Fairgrounds. The Vibewell Honors Yoga Festival benefits The Honor Yoga Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports well-being in communities by providing yoga-related programs to under-represented populations.


 Session A:  8:30-9:45am  Dynamic Opposites: Freedom to Flight with Cathy Madeo and Ellen Mosko

 Session B:  10:15 AM-11:30am  Hard Core, Soft Heart with Bridget Riepl and Vanessa Van Noy

 Session C:  12:00-1:30pm  Look, No Hands! with Adell Bridges

 Session D:  2:00-3:30pm  How Yoga Saves Lives - A Panel Discussion with Eleonora Zampatti, Dr. Nathalie Edmond, Lockey Maisonneuve, and Faith Hunter

Session E:  4:00-5:30pm  Spiritually Fly with Faith Hunter
Session A:  8:00-8:45am  Open Mini Meditation Sessions with Evan Madeo 

 Session B:  9:00-9:45am  Root Down to Rebound Up with Julie Mellk and Christine Rodek
Session C:  10:00-11:00am  Own Your Power - An Inspirational Discussion with International Life Coach Bailey Frumen

Session D: 11:30-12:30pm  Fundamentals of Partner and Acro Yoga with Eleonora Zampatti and Brendan Neary

Session E:  1:00-2:00pm  The POWER of Practice: Igniting More Passion & Play in Your Yoga with Sue Elkind

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