• Thrive Power Yoga (map)
  • 10385 Ironwood Road
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410
  • United States

Would you like to find more balance, stability and strength in your practice? Arm balances will empower your body, mind and yoga practice by teaching you how to let go of fear and come into your power. Don't let these poses intimidate you! As long as you have the desire, you can build the right strength and learn how to move into these poses with ease. In this workshop you'll learn proper alignment in arm balances in order to efficiently use your muscles, while strategically learning how to shift your weight and find flight. You'll leave knowing how to build strength in order to balance and how to build stamina in order to hold arm balances. Poses that will be covered: crow, side crow, flying splits, flying scissors, flying pigeon and more! All levels welcome.

Investment: $40

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