• Honor Yoga Princeton (map)
  • 3495 US Route 1
  • Princeton, NJ 08540

In this fun and challenging 6 week series you will learn how to activate your core muscles to bring your yoga practice to the next level! Core muscles and how to use them will be explained, core exercises will be broken down, and a discussion of how to use your core in your yoga practice will take place. 

Every class will consist of a short warm up, followed by a healthy dose of core work and a brief cool down. Core exercises will be rotated and sequenced to challenge your body, assist your development of core awareness and make you strong from the inside out! You will leave with a solid understanding of what constitutes the core, how to engage the core muscles during exercises, and how these exercises can prepare your body for more challenging asanas. (Students are asked to bring a pair of socks to every session.)

Investment: $90 | Register here.